What is Gmail and what are its benefits

When we talk about Gmail, the email service offered by Google multinational, so the warranty and the quality is guaranteed. It is known as Google Mail in countries like the UK, Austria and Germany. Gmail is known to be a pioneer in offering unlimited storage and search system messages that highlights another aspect, allowing users to more easily find any email sent. Besides being a free service, is of great comfort and technology.

The history of gmail email us back to the project initiated by Paul Buchheit, a developer of Google that began with his service made ​​available only to employees of the company and in March 2004 began to be offered in beta, with invitations to 1000 people including employees including, friends, family and active users Blogger.

google mail benefits

Each of the guests had the invitation so that they can expand gmail, and were getting more and more invitations can be sent only through emails. So there were people who paid to receive an invitation and to start gmail.

All this marketing strategy type is considered “viral” it was important word that starts mouth to the press users to reach worldwide. It was in February 2007 when gmail email was opened to the public, more and more popular.

You can easily create gmail account, just go to www.gmail.com and complete the form below, and then you can enjoy each and every one of the benefits of unlimited storage system by click here.

If you do not know how to create one gmail account, you can clicking here and learn how to do it

Not for nothing is the most popular service and is the busiest in the world, with millions of users around the world, but has a smaller number of accounts in Outlook or Hotmail, but are more active.

The power of Google search also appears in gmail sign in inbox, and through it users can search for all messages that are received or sent. For example, if in one of his posts he wrote “work” using the search engine, you can search for that word and take the mail in question. Same with any other type of search you want to do.

The spam control is one of the strengths of gmail email as the blocks before they reach the mail. Makes it much easier to use and save time without having to sort messages into folders. We can also mention that while typing a message does not need to go play while typing on the address bar as show contacts that match what you type.

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