How to maximize email Gmail Inbox

One of the best email, Gmail has a lot of functions that can be accessed to obtain the maximum benefit, but not everyone knows about them and we will explain so they know how to maximize gmail email. Its huge storage capacity, the speed with which arrive and depart from the emails sent and received, the tabs added and many other features have made it the most widely used messaging service in the world, above the Hotmail and Outlook that despite having registered more users are less active, allowing gmail presented as what it is today: the best of all.

google gmail tutorial

Connect securely in you gmail account with https

One of the “secrets” that will allow you to squeeze the most of Gmail is the ability to enter safe mode by adding a single letter to the URL.

What it does is put the s after the “http” before entering the rest of this: and will be entering safe mode automatically while it is possible that in the safety of your home, you never know what can happen. I just added a letter to your address, if you have it in favorites or bookmarks if you use it in gmail login so quickly.

Most important keyboard shortcuts

There are certain keyboard shortcuts that are very important and you may not know you could use after to gmail sign in. We leave the most important with its own use:

  • The R key can reply to a message, whereas if you want to reply to all recipients must press the A key
  • With F re will send a message.
  • With the. (Point) you should spread menu “More options” when you view a message.
  • The S lets you classify a message as “Featured”.
  • If you want to write a new message simply press the C key while if you want to do in a new window just do Shift + C.

The bookmarklets in your browser

The bookmarklets are stored in the bookmarks bar of the browser you are using and which allows you to write a message or send the page you are viewing to your email without having to gmail login, which is really very comfortable. Place the following links to your bookmarks bar so you can use:

  • Send Link. It will also open a new window with a message that will appear in gmail mail with the link to the page you are visiting within the body of the message to send it to whoever you want.

To learn some more features gmail mail, we invite you to visit this link: click here.

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