Learn all about gmail account with this simple tutorial

If you use the gmail email and it is quite good, as is the message service with the best reputation in the world, which is reflected in the ranking of active users that brings millions of people, although many choose daily in Outlook, the old Hotmail, which despite having a larger number of users or accounts created are not as active as those in Gmail.

It has plenty of features that make it what we see today, but certainly one of the highlights is the huge space that allows users to store their messages, so you do not have to constantly remove them, but also has an excellent spam filter or junk, it is worth noting, but if we have to name all the functions would be insufficient because the truth is that they are a lot.

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As I’m sure you are not taking full advantage of the possibilities of Gmail, we decided to bring some tutorials on gmail so they know some tricks and tips that will enhance your experience with the official Google service that exists to the public since 2007.

Take advantage of its powerful search

One of the things that people do not realize is that it has a powerful search engine to get into his gmail email, and that is as powerful as the google search engine because it uses the same parameters and technology. You can search for any word inside and see all the options that are available in varieties of emails sent or received, and all this in a couple of seconds, making it an indispensable tool that few appreciate.

Sign in gmail safe mode

A simple caraceterĂ­stica that email is gmail is allowing us to safely enter www.gmailsigninbox.com. All you have to do is add an S to the URL, that is, each time you enter gmail.com, you will not by http://gmail.com but through https://gmail.com, so easy. So if you have saved a mail icon on gmail and recommend to your favorites so you can always access the safe mode with a single click. As much as you sit in the safety of your home it never hurts to apply an additional measure, we do not know who might be watching or trying to impersonate via email.

Use gmail with a modern browser

We will not make any criticism of any particular browser, but the fact is that the development of email gmail has left spectacular modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Internet Explorer will not let you get the most possible to the service, along with all its functions, so it is not recommended to uninstall the browser, but recommended is to open gmail with other browsers that take advantage of its features.

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