Gmail Sign Up and Gmail Login with these simple steps

If you want to know how to sign in gmail then you’ve come to the right place because we will explain in detail all you need to do to make this process happen in the right way. Remember not to skip any steps because otherwise you can not create a gmail account, each of them is important and deserves special attention.

The first thing to do is enter, the page will take you to the beginning of the service where you can gmail login account.

Then you look at the top right where it says “Create Account” and click on the message to go to the gmail sign up.

gmail sign up and gmail login

This takes you to complete a form to gmail sign in, which prompted the following data we show to continuation:

  • Name: your name or real names
  • Surname: your surname or real surname.
  • Username: will go before the, ideally be a combination of your first and last name or your company.
  • Choose a password: will ask you to put a password of at least 8 characters and you’ll be telling the security side that has the same. Try to choose a password that is not predictable or easy to decipher.
  • Re-enter the password: repeats the same password that you placed before.
  • Security Question: you pick a question that will help you recover your password.
  • Reply: to the question above will be chosen and you’ll have to answer when you want to recover your account if you forget the password or stolen.
  • Email Recovery: also serves to regain the account in case of theft or loss and ideally be your other email account gmail, outlook or any other service. It may also be the gmail from someone you trust. To more information click here.
  • Location: you must put the country where you are not where you were born.
  • Date of birth: your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY, eg: 09/09/1994.
  • Verify Account: complete the captcha to prove you’re not a bot.
  • Terms of service: appear Gmail terms and conditions which you must accept to continue and so the last step in the creation of email gmail.

We want to emphasize that the key must be have at least one number to be accepted. And the answer to the secret question you can not write the same as the password entered, as it will be rejected.

Remember that if you dont want to lose your gmail mail in no time should you spend your password to others because they can be trusted but you never know what can happen in the future and it is always best to keep this data in the privacy of each.

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